“The gift of musical rhythm is not a mere mental affair; it is physical in essence." “The aim of eurhythmics is to enable pupils at the end of their course, to say, not “I know," but “I have experienced." -Dalcroze

Eurhythmics classes are experienced while seeing, hearing, feeling, and thinking simultaneously. The work provides a fun and successful approach to music education all while allowing students to process information, explore, discover, and learn. These classes examine the relationship between time, space, and energy while involving all muscles in awakening and developing a consciousness of rhythm. Since learning is developmental, all individuals, regardless of their physical, mental, or musical level, can benefit from these classes. Exercises are based on the level of each individual class. The goals of the games and exercises are to strengthen attention, concentration, coordination, nuance, and social integration. In my personal definition, these classes utilize the expression of physical movement to teach, establish, and reinforce musical concepts, using the body as a musical instrument.

Dr. Eisenreich has experience teaching eurhythmics for all ages and ability levels. Please contact her for more details on classes and workshops.